What´s included in a full kit?


Our kits content all materials you need for construction as Plan, building instructions, drawings, cleaned parts for fuselage, wings, stabilizer and fin, all spars and strips, parts for shear webbing, wire for undercarriage, plywood and / or cartoon for planking.

Not included are any adhesives, covering materials, dope and R/C parts. See description to our models for difference..


SAM - Span is

  • a heat shrink polyester tissue without adhesive backing 
  • strong but light with a weight of 24g/m² or 0,55g/cm³ and has a thickness of 0,04mm

SAM-Span is used

  • to cover conventional built up wings; two layers are possible to add strength
  • to cover planked areas on wings and fuselages
  • to add structural strengthandprovide a good undercoat for painting

How to use Aeroplan SAM - Span

  1. Sand the structure of your model carefully and remove any dust. 
  2. Using a small and soft brush, apply two to three coats of nitro-filler to all parts will come into contact with SAM - Span covering material, such as ribs, leading and trailing edges, spars, stringers etc. 
  3. Leave each coat to dry overnight and sand between coats carefully with 400-grit sandpaper.
  4. Cut SAM-Span with the grain running spanwise for wing and stabilizer and lengthwise for the fuseage. Make sure the smoothside is facing outward.
  5. Apply SAM - Span to your model and use thinner ( acetone will do in most cases ) to back down the covering material on the structure. 

    You should not use dope for this step! However,swope may be used to apply a second layer of covering material. Use dope sparingly, becouse doped areas do not shrink well when heat is applied.

  6. When you are satisfied with your covering job, use a covering iron or a heat gun to carefully remove any wrinkles and tighten SAM-Span.
  7. Apply two to three coats of thinned dope (1 part dope, 2 parts thinner ) with a soft brush.
  8. Use a heat gun or covering iron to remove any remaining wrinkles after the first coat has dried. Be careful; excessive heat may lead to discolouration of doped covering

Roll of 5 meters ( 1000mm width )

€ 25,00

Roll of 10 meters ( 1000mm width )

€ 42,50

Christian Kaufmann